Carol Evanoff not only broke the glass ceiling in the defense industry, she smashed it to smithereens and sent the pieces into orbit.

You’ve probably heard about women who broke the glass ceiling—the barrier that kept women from advancing to the highest levels of corporate life. Carol Evanoff is one of those women, and now she’s ready to share a lifetime of truly hard-earned wisdom to help others achieve their own dreams. There isn’t a more male-centric work environment than a major defense contractor who supplies materials and services to the U.S. military, yet that’s where Carol spent her entire 35-year career.

She rose through the ranks from an hourly employee to supervisory then management positions. Along the way she earned her degree in management and attended numerous postgraduate institutes all across the country to study advanced leadership skills. Throughout her career Carol often became the first woman to hold each new position she attained, and from the beginning, she made it her mission to help other women and minorities achieve the same level of success in their own careers.

Carol is an award-winning innovator in executive leadership, change management, professional development and performance coaching.

Her own success is measured by the professional success of over 1,000 colleagues and mentees she has guided. In her last position, Carol was the director of a large facility with vast responsibilities, supervised over 400 employees and managed an annual budget of $55 million. Yet she always found time to take a personal interest in creating programs to benefit her team as well as mentoring individual employees to reach their own dreams. Through her efforts, major corporations, small businesses, leaders and individuals all create results-oriented and competitive differences in radically changing business environments.

Recently retired from corporate life, Carol spends her time consulting, speaking to groups about career management, writing and enjoying life on Washington state’s spectacular Olympic Peninsula.

How I continue to be of service from home

  • I can do mentoring by phone or video chat
  • I offer coaching for managerial level professionals by phone or video chat and could even do a group call that way
  • I can give my presentations to groups via a webinar
  • I can still offer customized coaching aids as digital deliverables

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