In all the early pictures from Carol’s career, she’s usually the only woman. The one above featured a group going through supervisor training—28 middle aged men and a very young Carol. It set the pattern for her spectacular career in one of the most notoriously male-dominated fields—the defense industry. 

That she flourished is evidence of her singular approach to life: work hard, have integrity, embrace continuous education, expect excellence, do your best and help the people coming up after you.

Pictured left, Carol receives the Lockheed Diversity Award from Lockheed President, Sam Araki. Over the course of her long and acclaimed career in management and personnel development, Carol has developed her own system to help employees analyze what’s been holding them back from advancement. Using her tools, they’ve been able to bridge gaps in their experience and training in order to be more competitive in a tough job market and move into positions of leadership. She detailed her process in her book, Mapping Your Career Success. After the positive reception of that book, she also wrote a Managers Edition with new chapters teaching executives how to guide their teams through her system. Below, Carol is pictured with part of her Lockheed team. Carol still teaches her process in workshops and in mentoring sessions. 


To teach individuals and leadership the skills to develop, empower, mentor, coach and plan strategically.

Carol Evanoff is a renowned strategic planner, coach and mentor across the aerospace/defense industry, education arenas and professional organizations. 30+ years of engineering and leadership experience in industry focused on strategic planning, individual empowerment and professional development. Published author with over 1,076 successful mentees. She is a consultant to Camo2Commerce non-profit to help veterans transition to the jobs when they exit the military. She is Chair of the Puget Sound Regional Council Defense Cluster, Board member for Puget Sound Naval Base Association and Advisory Board member for Olympic College 4 year program in Engineering.

WORK EXPERIENCE 2011 to present
Author / Speaker / Consultant
Provide training, workshops and services for strategic planning, coaching, mentoring, employee empowerment and development. Author, speaker, mentor and advisor. Specialize in women and minority leveling the playing field.

Paladin Data Systems-2011 to present
Program Manager / Consultant
Strategic Planning and Analysis for Paladin products and customers. Leading efforts to implement new cloud infrastructure.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company – 1974 to 2010 (retired)
Resident Base Director/Program Manager, LM21 Operating Excellence
Responsible for managing 430 employees and $55M budget for the Fleet Ballistic Missile program at the Strategic Weapons Facility in Silverdale, WA. Technical and leadership experience in engineering, metrology, information technology, maintenance, manufacturing, assembly, test, scheduling, finance, labor relations, human resources, safety, security, supply chain management, logistics, risk management and submarine engineering support.
Responsible for:
• Activating the Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific to support the Trident II weapons system
• Creating a regional calibration laboratory for Western Washington defense industry
• Creating Composite Autoclave loading Artificial Intelligence Application
• Inventing the laser measurement tool for fasteners for missiles and aircraft
• 100% sales growth over 10 years
• Creating Training Center of Excellence for the Fleet Ballistic Missile Program
• Creating Continuous Improvement Center of Excellence for Fleet Ballistic Missile Program
• Leading Team to develop Lockheed Martin Fleet Ballistic Missile Program Strategic Plan
• Assisting Olympic College in setting up a 4 year Engineering Program

• University of Maryland Financial Strategies Program
• Stanford University Leadership Training
• Tuck University Management Training
• Penn State University Management Training Program
• Santa Clara University Supervisor, Management & Senior Leadership Institutes
• St. Mary’s University BS in Management

She is the recipient of numerous technical and leadership awards including:
• 3 Navy Command Raborn Awards
• TWIN Tribute to Women in Industry Award from YWCA
• 3 NOVA Awards for Leadership, Diversity and Exceptional Service
• 3 COMET Awards for Communications
• 2 Lockheed President’s Diversity Awards
• ESGR Patriotism Award
• 3 US Presidents Volunteer Service Awards
• 3 Safety Awards for over 1 million hours without a Day Away Injury.