This book contains many easy to use workbook sections, which create a powerful system for mapping the path of your entire career, no matter where you’re at right now. Developed by pioneering executive Carol Evanoff, this process will help you understand why your career hasn’t evolved exactly as you’d hoped. (Or even if you’re doing well now, this book will show you how to accelerate your success so you can reach whatever goals you set for yourself.)
Using a process she calls Career Gap Analysis, Carol Evanoff will guide you step by step in examining your work history for clues to your achievements—and your failures. If you’ve ever wondered why you were passed over for a promotion, this workbook can help you figure that out—and best of all—learn how to be better prepared for your next advancement opportunity.

I did not expect so much substance from a “workbook”. It does earn the moniker because it makes one think and work hard to achieve the many worthwhile goals it defines, but it delivers so much more. The author helps anyone willing to invest the time to ensure that they climb their career ladder as quickly as possible, and that they are climbing the correct ladder. I wish the text had been required reading as a senior in college. It was not, and I now find myself 53 years old and less than passionate about my third “career” since college. I am excited and convinced that “Mapping Your Career Success” is the springboard that will help me finish professionally fulfilled for the remainder of my working life. ~Brian Flanner, Reno NV


Written especially for managers, this book will help you develop your employees and mentees to reach their career ambitions—plus you can also use the process to further your own career. The first nine chapters were written to guide employees (and their mentors, coaches and managers) through the entire system. Those nine chapters are available as a separate book: Mapping Your Career Success (see above). This Managers Edition contains the full text of the original book, followed by another four chapters designed to make you more effective in developing your employees.

Here’s some of what you’ll find in the Managers Edition.

Views on coaching and mentoring people and how that fits into your role as manager

How to evaluate an employee’s potential

 How to nurture star performers

Checklist: Are you a good coach?

Navigating selection panels for the good of all 

What your charges need above all else

Applying Career Gap Analysis system to advance mentees

Matching mentees to opportunities and why the playing field still isn’t level

How to handle difficult cases and bad apples

 Discussing sensitive topics

Helping everyone to find happiness and fulfillment at work

Examining your own behavior

When to shove them out of the nest–it’s good for you both

Use what you’ve learned here to further your own career