In 1988 sixteen men—and Carol Evanoff—graduated from Penn State’s Production Management Program (right). This was Carol’s story most of the way through her career at Lockheed, a notoriously difficult company for women to advance in. But Carol didn’t let that stop her meteoric rise through the ranks, from the production floor through rigorous advanced engineering training, to enter the elite corps of managers, who were mired in longstanding misogynistic traditions. Carol made it her mission to not just be different, to be the only woman in every meeting, but to revolutionize the company from the inside out. Through her dedication to teaching women and minorities how to advance their careers to previously unimagined heights, she altered the face of the workforce at every level.


The pinnacle of her own career was becoming the first woman to attain the highest civilian level position: Resident Director of the Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific. In that position, which she held for 16 groundbreaking years, Carol was responsible for over 400  employees with a budget of over $50 million. That she thrived in the position is no surprise—she met all her production quality assessments and deadlines, something that has not been duplicated since her retirement. All while running her own in-house career coaching program, which has helped over 3,000 employees climb their own career ladders.

Carol is true to her message, and as a manager, coach and mentor she practices what she preaches. If you listen, you are sure to learn and gain valuable insights that will help you not only at work, but in your life.”
~James Spencer, attendee

Carol Evanoff delivers empowering presentations on topics of interest to both managers and their teams

Mapping Your Career Success

Managers Developing Employees

Strategies for Women in STEM

Breaking Through the Bamboo Ceiling

Using Technology for Success

Growing an Organization Through Delegating

Manage Meetings–Don’t let Meetings Manage You

Gender Differences in the Workplace

Understanding Employee Passion

Reducing Fear in the Workplace

The presentation was pure brilliance. It revved our engines and was most enlightening. Some of us take life day to day and figure if we keep our nose to the grindstone, dreams will happen. You showed the light that we need to engage the throttle in our desired direction. (But please don’t take that as discontent with current career—and your presentation also covered that aspect–upward mobility is simply helping the world. And, wow, have you done that!!!) We are thrilled to have had the honor of your presence and most grateful for your awesome, engaging presentation!  ~Gloria Edelen, Vice President, Federally Employed Women, Central Coast of California Chapter

Carol continues to be of service from home: Until travel becomes possible again, she mentors and coaches by phone or video chat and can give presentations via webinars.

Carol Evanoff brings her ceiling shattering message to groups large and small, all over the country.

Blacks In Government 36th Annual National Training Institute
BIG’s Mission: Enable all present and future Black employees in Local, State, and Federal governments to have the ability to maximize their career opportunities and provide a mechanism for inclusion, growth and advocacy.

Carol’s Workshop was: Mapping Your Career Success
The class is designed to give step by step instructions on how to create a development plan to assure a competitive advantage in advancing your career. It will cover how to work with your current management, selecting mentors, identifying gaps, identifying goals, having stellar performance and creating development plans for your continuing advancement in your chosen profession. Both workshops were standing room only with more than 100 attendees and 35 signing up for mentoring.

Attendee comments:
“It was wonderful meeting you and listening to your presentation at the Blacks in Government Conference last week. I can’t wait to put your workbook to use and I plan to take you up on the generous offer of mentor-ship.”

“Your story was both inspiring and powerful. I will start reading your book as soon as I finish with my Certified IA exam.”

“I attended your July 30th workshop and was very impressed by the amount of information that you shared in the class. I purchased the manager’s edition because I realized that I and my employees can benefit from the information that you are willing to share.”

“I have not stopped talking about your presentation/class since I returned. I really enjoyed it; it was so inspiring.”


The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing is a series of conferences designed to bring the research and career interests of women in computing to the forefront. Presenters are leaders in their respective fields, representing industrial, academic and government communities. Leading researchers present their current work, while special sessions focus on the role of women in today’s technology fields, including computer science, information technology, research and engineering. Carol gave a presentation there in 2012.

Carol Evanoff is a seasoned speaker who has given presentations at the following places:

2015 Colorado University Asian Students “Bamboo Ceiling Strategies”
2015 Joint Base Lewis McChord-Cammo to Commerce Vet Mentor
Santa Clara University-Gender Differences/ Santa Clara, CA
Aerospace Industry Summit/ Everett, WA
FountainBlue Mentoring Panel/ San Jose, CA
Working Women’s Seminar/ Sunnyvale, CA
Young Astronaut Program/ Mt View, CA
Girls Exploring Math and Science/ Bremerton, WA
Federally Employed Woman Training (RTP’s) Locations:
Concord, CA/ Monterey, CA/ Orlando, FL
Federally Employed Women (FEW)
2013 Western Region Training Program, Phoenix AZ
Brown Bag Lectures on Leadership Subjects, Bremerton, WA
Career Mentoring at various companies

Lockheed Martin Leadership Trainer/ Orlando, FL
Lockheed Martin Leadership Mentor Locations:
Newtown, PA/Sunnyvale, CA/ Silverdale, WA/ St Mary’s, GA/ Cocoa Beach, FL/ Orlando, FL
Lockheed Martin Diversity Mentor Locations:
Newtown, PA/Sunnyvale, CA/ Silverdale, WA/ St Mary’s, GA/ Cocoa Beach, FL/ Orlando, FL
Employee Development LM Conference Trainer/ Orlando, FL
Leading Change LM Conference Trainer/ Orlando, FL